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A collection of short transport-related archive films. Most of these are sourced from 16mm films of 1950s/60s vintage or converted to digital from the equally obsolete VHS tape format.
Although some of the clips are not of the highest quality by modern standards, they represent the best that can be achieved bearing in mind the age and condition of the originals.
NB: In older browsers, try playing in QuickTime or RealPlayer.

Bus & Coach:
South Wales Transport - The BET Years. A variety of mainly SWT and some United Welsh vehicles filmed around Swansea and Llanelli during the 1950s and 1960s, together with shots of the coaching fleet on tour. (17 min 25 sec.)

N & C Luxury Coaches snippets, featuring the Park Royal bodied Guy Arab LUFs. (1 min 00 sec.)

Western Welsh footage, mainly of coaches on tour, including:
500 (or 506) (EUH 500/6), a 1950 AEC Regal III with Windover FC33F on tour in the Lake District and Scotland.
Leyland Tiger Cubs.
101 and 106 (OUH 101/6), 1958 AEC Reliances/Harrington C36F on tour in the Lake District and Scotland. Look out for the BR 5MT 4-6-0 on the Forth Bridge.
106 (OUH 106), another 1958 AEC Reliance/Harrington C36F on tour in Scotland.
126 (WKG 126), a 1961 AEC Reliance/Weymann C36F on tour in Scotland. Includes a clip of a vintage Wolseley and a wonderful AA Patrol minivan.
156 (GKG 156D) an AEC Reliance 470 with Plaxton 'Panorama' C38F.
Shots of a Red & White Services Lydney bodied Leyland Royal Tiger. (10 min 09 sec.)

Midland Red coaching snippets. Included are C3s, a C4, a CM6 and finally one of the C3s rebodied with Plaxton Panorama C36F in 1962. (1min 02 sec. No sound.)

SWT in the National Bus era. Bristol VRTs, Leyland Nationals and AEC Regent Vs filmed in Swansea City Centre. Look out for a glimpse of the AEC Matador! (11 min 41 sec.)

A few National Bus clips. Filmed mainly in Bristol and Oxford. ( 1 min 57 sec.)

SWT in the 1980s. The transitional period between SWT, Brewers Motor Services and First Cymru. (12 min 22 sec.)

A review of the O-Bahn guided bus system at Eassen, Germany. (10 mon 18 sec.)

Two very short tramway clips. Vicinal SO car 10048 and its trailer at Ostend and a Blackpool Coronation car on the north promenade. (14 sec. No sound.)

Halle 902, a 1969 Tatra ZT4Dcar in action at the National Tramway Museum on 12th June 2005. (58 sec. No sound.)

The Mumbles Railway Interviews 1: Recorded on 28th June 1954, the day before the 150th Anniversary celebration. (19 min 59 sec.)

The Mumbles Railway Interviews: 2. Recorded in November 1959. (6 min 44 sec.)
Rails around Swansea. Miscellaneous footage from various sources. (2 min 32 sec.)

Swansea Victoria to Pontarddulais. Swansea Victoria was served by trains to and from Shrewsbury, Crewe, Liverpool, Manchester and York and formed the southern terminus of the Central Wales line, most of which is still operational. The Swansea Victoria to Pontarddulais section closed in June 1964. (11 min 57 sec.)

A very brief clip of class 86 no. E3126 leaving Birmingham New Street. E3126 was later to become 86231 'Starlight Express'. (11 sec. No sound).

Archive footage from the early preservation days on the Talyllyn Railway. (1 min 55 sec.)

Seaside miniature railways at Blackpool and Bognor. (10 sec. No sound).

Scenes from the Gwili Railway in June 1996. (9 min 51 sec.)

The Brecon Mountain Railway's Baldwin 4-6-2 no 2 departs from Pant on 26th March 2005. (45 sec.)

Footage of the replica 'Fire Fly' in action at Didcot on its inaugural day, plus GWR 2-8-0 no. 3822 on the turntable. 30th April 2005. (1min 01sec.)

The B&I Ferries Innisfallen, Leinster and Munster at work in the Irish Sea. (3 min 14 sec. No sound.)

A selection of vintage aircraft clips taken at Rhoose, Swansea, Blackpool and Dublin airports. (5 min 27 sec.)

The Transporter Bridge at Newport, South Wales on 17th March 2005. (52 sec.)

Changing Stations. Looking back at 30 years of music radio presentation; original audio produced in 1997. (18 min 11 sec.)

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